The company MANN+HUMMEL BA was established in 1974, with the aim of development and production of filters, as well as filter systems for the automotive industry. Until 2005 its name was UNICO FILTER d.d. Tesanj, like the name of their brand. The production is until 1989 based on a licensed contract with the German company MANN+HUMMEL. After termination of the licensed contract, our own brand develops – UNICO FILTER. The primary function of the brand UNICO FILTER was to satisfy the needs of the market of former Yugoslavia. Today, UNICO FILTER is known to a much wider area, like Russia, Albania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, and so on, and as such takes a very important stake in southeast Europe.

After 1995 UNICO FILTER reestablishes and develops a successful cooperation with international and regional companies in supplying their own production with raw materials and in supplying customers with end products. It is among the first companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina that was certified from TÜV Cert according to the international quality standard ISO 9001.

Our production is adjusted to the effective automotive policies and is in accordance with the MANN+HUMMEL standards. The production with high quality materials, a modern development and design contribute to the quality of UNICO FILTER products.

The brand UNICO FILTER offers a broad product range with over 1000 filter types. The fact that our products are insured by an insurance company gives the customer an additional security when buying our brand.

Among the many advantages, the most significant are:

  • The usage of high quality materials resulting in a high quality product
  • Market closeness / lower transport costs
  • The possibility of customer education about products and service
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Product quality assurance
  • A company’s global image

In 2013, as a responsible member of the local community, MANN+HUMMEL BA launched a wastewater treatment system. The wastewater treatment system in MANN+HUMMEL BA is the first of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina.